Hi all, i've removed the chat box, please leave comments and questions by writing a reply to this post.

Get GhostTrappers AutoHunter for GoogleChrome here.

Chrome users:
Non-Chrome users:
  • FireFox Users: Install GreaseMonkey
  • Or/Other Users: Get Google Chrome
Login to your Facebook Account

Go to either of these links
  • http://apps.facebook.com/ghost-trappers/
  • http://www.ghost-trappers.com/fb/index.php

It'll start AutoHunt automatically

  • Feel free to ask questions, give feedback or report a bug in the chat box
  • Check this site or any of the script creators' site (links in the credits section) regularly for updates
  • Script source can be viewed in the Change Log

To AutoPOWERHunt or MidnightHourAutoPOWERHunt
  • Install the standalone script HERE
  • NOTE: Only works on http://www.ghost-trappers.com/fb/index.php
Choose your AutoDailyRewards:
  • Get your AutoDailyRewards script HERE
To enable GhostMonster Alerter: